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Ningbo Accor Bearing Company is one of leading bearing exporters & manufacturers in China. Starting since 1997, from a sales department of Ningbo Free Trade Zone Hengda Bearing Company, Currently ACCOR has become a well-known and respected supplier of a wide variety of bearings throughout the world!

Certified by ISO9001-2008, ACCOR values products quality foremost. With strategic affiliated factory alliances and strong distribution and logistics network, ACCOR provides customers with high quality products, competitive price and satisfaction experience.

Our aim is to grow into international enterprise ran by a modern management system, and geared to international standards ,to be one of the best enterprises in global bearings field.

Our Values

Work hard and plain living

Practice the Four Virtues:

Embodies the concept of loyalty of others, making a commitment and being devoted to what is important to us.

Being principled, standing up for our belief and keep words, We deliver a reliable and valuable customer-focused service.

Keep serious for rules, orders and instructions. We pursue perfect and excellence

We keep continuous innovation and keep improvement everyday.


•We take priority for our customers’ interest. We keep loyalty to customers.

•We keep loyalty to what we said. We respect our staff and all partners.

•We pursue continuous innovation and take action to be excellent.